This is a selection of drawings and paintings. Like a journal, they act as a visual record of a moment in time and an exchange between my body and the object of vision and the act of drawing itself. Similar to my 3D and 4D work, the focus is on the kinetic and energetic exchange between body, object, and space. I try to capture the psycho-spiritual space that I can feel between myself, my body and the world around me. This is a selection of works from 2004 - 2006, though I could say its a continuation of drawings and paintings I've done since early childhood. 

Mixed media on canvass, 2004

Oils, Watercolour and coloured pencil

Sizes vary from 25cm to 100cm

Drawings and watercolours 2004.

Sizes vary from 15x21cm to 21x29cm

Various locations around Europe.

Atom Series, 2005

Oil on canvass,


This series of painting diverges from other drawing series. I was confronted by the stark greyness of living in London I needed an escape. I dived into an old Japanese magazine about native islander culture, a book about the universe and a book about biology. I imagined these figures living in unity within the mirco cosmic and macrocosmic realities. A colourful existential crisis.  

Oil on CAnvass, 

Explorations in oil paint.