Baba (Out and About), 2016

SxPlus exhibition,

Prohibition, Brisbane


Baba is a performance with a sculpted costume based on the mythological figure, the ancient witch, Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga embraces her power to either destroy or help those who encounter her. Sometimes, this power is purely sexual and seductive, sometimes she eats people, sometimes she helps them through difficulties. I became interested in her because of her dualistic nature, which is in harmony within herself, yet contrasted against contemporary notions of power and sexuality. Performing through the sculpted costume, I can embody these qualities and explore how she (Baba) can interact with other people in a contemporary art context as an object and as a provocative performance. 


The performance Baba (Out and About), at SxPlus exhibition, was a celebration and embodiment of her own feminine and masculine, as well as aged and youthful qualities. She is absurd, comedic, grotesque and hypersexual, and in contrast with the stereotypical worship of young, virile, and ultimately unrealistic or two-dimensional representations of sexuality and beauty. Mythologically, Baba Yaga embodies both good and evil. Baba as a performance character, casts aside judgments of good, evil, attractiveness or desire and invites the public to play in her world without those rules.

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