'Carbon', 2018

performance- sculpture


'Carbon' was created in response to conversations with Leonie Rhodes about their exhibition Nu: Classical and further research into climate crisis and the industrial revolution. 

I used the methods of Butoh dance theatre, a process by which the body is transformed through imagination and listening to the body itself to create this living sculpture. Where the body is the object to be molded. 

I imagined my body to be the compacted carbon of so much ancient life being excavated from the earth experiencing the industrial revolution from the point of view of the fossils. From this position, my carbon body is in opposition to the golden cloak.  For me, the cloak symbolises the illusion of religious sanctity, wealth and privilege. 

The sound was created with Josh Wilkinson, from a recording of my breath and vocalisation, and manipulated live with the performance.

carbon web 12.jpg
carbon web 8.jpg
carbon web 2.jpg
carbon web 11.jpg
carbon web 10.jpg