Real Live Nudes 

Real Live Nude, also the title of the SxPlus exhibition, was created in response to Francisca Vanderwoud's work both as an artist and erotic dancer. As she walked (and danced) me through her role as a dancer it was clear that she was not a figure to be objectified but that she created a subjective and sublime offering of femininity. Her job was much more about the relationship and 'vibe' between her and her clients than sex. The basic elements being a desire for a connection from the client and her sense of freedom within that. The goal was to let the clients feel safe enough to connect and experience an exchange of polaric (yin/yang) energy. As no sexual act would actually be performed, the experience remains almost totally psycho-spiritual. 

Also, she would alter her character, or her veil, to 'fit' her clients at work. However, we wear these veils in everyday life also, and we crave these intimate experiences to lift those veils off of us. And without those veils, we may be left with a sense of sublime energy, of the micro/macrocosmic void. 

So this performance became about the exchange of energy. Of coming through the veils, and meeting each other with a sense of this eternal sublime, cosmic void. Vanderwoud was on the stage with the pole, I began literally unveiling my self, to meet her and the pole, then the audience, and then her again. The room was silent and still as I left, and remained so until I returned and raised a toast. 

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