'Skin' 2017

Puppet: Tearing Exhibition Curated by Bill Platz.

Pop Gallery, Brisbane​


In this 60 minute, improvised performance-installation I was exploring the relationship between my body and object (and environment) and other bodies (the audience). I was continuously attempting to inhabit the state of a blank body, like an empty vessel, (through butoh techniques), that can respond to stimuli received from the environment. However, this was complicated by the density of the internal body and subconscious impulses or physical memory. This complication draws out the tension between the flesh, the space, and the object. The skin costume was to help evoke the perception of a body as an object. To help me become an empty shell. And to highlight the border between outside and inside the body as a point of tension. 


Sound from Mohamed Shakir was altered by the video art of four different artists installed in the gallery. My video work from 2010, Laugh, was a part of this installation. The video features my body with the same objects as the installation. It was also created by a similar process, improvised play with objects. It is an edited 5 minute section of a 3 hour improvisation which manipulates time and space through video format to imitate the connection between body and object. 


Documentation Photos: James Enchelmier and Bill Platz

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